Every great relationship begins with a good first date. And a good first date begins with you.

At A Good First Date, we believe that every person can find their relationship, it’s just a matter of how.

Through date coaching and online dating consultation we help people create their plan and gain control over their dating life.

It’s a plan that begins with A Good First Date.


What’s happening?

Why are you single? Are you stuck in a repeat relationship? Do you have trouble meeting the right people? Or maybe you can’t get past date #6?

It’s time to pause and figure it out.

We can help.

Are you looking for the right things?

Many people have a list of things they need: height, age, education or body type.

They want the relationship more than the person.

They want somebody who checks the boxes.

They won’t “settle” until it’s perfect.


What you really want isn’t often what you really need.

Through one-on-one date coaching we will figure out who you are in a relationship and what you really need.

What is date coaching?

Think of date coaching as a deep dive into what’s happening.

During one-on-one sessions, we examine past relationships, recurring patterns and attachment styles.

We clarify what you need in a partner and a relationship.

We develop a plan to reach your goals and support you along the way.


Through online dating consultation, we will get you on the dating apps in the right way.

What is online dating consultation?

Unlike coaching, online dating consultation is more directive, that is, we will show you how.

You will work with your specialist who will create your profile and teach you how to best use online dating apps and websites.

The first step in our program is setting up the profile: writing the text, selecting pictures and choosing the right apps.

Next, we will teach you how to swipe and text effectively.

During side-by-side sessions we will show you different ways of evaluating profiles and how to text so that you get off of the app and onto a good first date!


We will help you date better

Grace Lee, Online Dating Specialist

My expertise in the online dating world stems from meeting hundreds of single people as a matchmaker and from personal experience. After working with me you will have a profile that you love and know how to get off of the app and onto a good first date.

Rachel Perlstein, Dating Coach

As a licensed clinical social worker, coach and psychotherapist, I approach dating with a wealth of experience. After working with me, you will feel in control of your dating experience. You will know more about yourself and what you need from a partner – and most importantly, make dating fun again!

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