Online dating is a great tool.

Or, rather, it can be.

If you do it right, it’s the best way to tap into an ocean of fascinating people with great personalities who might also happen to be super hot.

If you do it wrong, it’s a good way to spend a lot of time staring at your phone being sad.

We want you to avoid the latter.

Outsourcing your profile & more...

Step 1: Let's Make a Plan

Our first session will be a deep dive into your story. We will establish a baseline, set goals and then learn about your dating history. We want to figure out what has been getting in your way. The agenda is yours - we are here to guide and support.

Step 2: Relax, You've Just Outsourced Your Profile

Nothing is less exciting than writing your own dating profile, so we'll do it for you! It starts with an in-depth interview where you get to talk about your quirks, values and what you're looking for. The final draft will be reworked until you love it. It will sound like you, because it's for you!

Step 3: Picking the Pics

Pictures are a thousand words, and in some cases we need to make up for 6,000. We will toss your Machu Picchu-tiger petting-bathroom-Snap-filtered selfies and put together a profile that really looks like you. If you need new pictures we can arrange for that too - our photographers* and stylists* are all about bringing out the best in you.

We will put it all together to create a profile that you love.

*(available for NYC clients)

Step 4: The Ten Text Method

We are going to teach you how to cruise through the dating apps. No more texting vortexes and let's eliminate bad dates. Our process will save time, emotional exhaustion and even... get you on a good first date. Or more. Or a lot more.

Are you ready for a good first date?

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