a good first date
begins with you

we provide relationship-focused
consultation, coaching & therapy
for men & women

When you know who you are & what you need, you will only date people who meet your needs.

By staying true to your plan, you’ll find the relationship you want

Learn to Crush the
Four Stages of Dating

Where you are getting stuck?

We know how to help

Improve Your
Online Dating Results

Achieve greater efficiency online - choose the right apps/sites, get higher quality matches, screen more effectively and go on more good first dates!

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How We Work

We work 1:1 with clients on the Four Stages of Dating. Each 60-minute session is run according to the client’s needs.

For clients who want to focus on online dating, we offer a separate program. Click here for more details.

There is no prescribed program; each person comes to dating and relationships from a unique place.

Our program is effective, fun and empowering. To get started, contact us!


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