The Four Stages of Dating

Finding the relationship you want starts with having a plan. We help clients create their plan by asking them to answer and act upon these four questions:

  1. Who are you & what do you need?

  2. How and who are you meeting?

  3. Are you getting on good dates?

  4. What happens when you meet somebody you really like?

When you understand the Dating Process and execute your plan, you will get closer to finding your relationship.

the first stage
you & your plan

Do you know what you want?

Who are you?

What is your ideal relationship?

What do you need from a partner?

the second stage
how & who you meet

Are you meeting the right people?

How are you meeting people?

Do you know what you’re looking for?

Are you getting on the date?

Does your profile represent you?

Who are you swiping and texting?

How do you get off of the app?

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the third stage
first dates

How are your first date(s)?

What’s your mindset going into the date?

Are you showing up as yourself?

How do you know if you should go on another?

the fourth stage
early stage relationships

Can you take it to the next level?

How do you communicate your needs?

Is the relationship moving in the right direction?

If it isn’t, how do you break up and move on?