Date Coaching

What is Date Coaching?

We know that it could sound a little stressful. It’s not.

We’re just going to be your friends. But we’re friends who will tell you things that your other friends might not. 

Like that your profile isn’t showing off your most interesting traits. Or that, with a shift in mindset, you could meet the person you’re looking for. Or that your pictures are… well, let’s talk about that in private. And hook you up with a good photographer. It’s not your fault.

Dating is tricky. But we’ve got the tricks. 

We’ll start by paying you some good one-on-one attention. We’ll find out about you, your experiences, what you want, and what’s getting in your way. Then, we’ll collaborate on making a pitch-perfect profile, pictures and all, and teach you how to milk it for maximum results. It’s, like, a journey through self-discovery, or something. A journey that ends with dates. 

Also? We’ll always text you back. We offer free text support Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. So, if at any point in the process, whether you’re having a little anxiety attack or just want some casual advice, we’ll be here for you.

Want to know about our philosophy on dating?

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Our approach to dating is different. So different that you might actually enjoy it.

Sounds good, right?

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