My mission is to change the way we think about dating.

Dating is not about getting what you want. It's about human connection. When we approach dating as a pass / fail exercise, it is a waste of time.

However, when we approach dating with an open mind and a willingness to get to know the person across the table, great things happen. Relationships form in all forms, it could be a new friend, the brother of your future ex-boyfriend or... in some cases it could even be your future spouse. But all of these connections lead to something else that's equally important: happiness.

It all begins with a good first date.

Grace Lee and her dog

Founder, Grace Lee

The inspiration for A Good First Date came from my experience as a single person on the sometimes-terrible NYC dating scene. After a series of disappointing dates, I felt totally discouraged, when a friend said to me, “Don’t worry. You’ll be back after a good first date.” That stayed with me. I thought, okay, a good first date. That’s something I can do.

That’s something you can do, too. And this is my philosophy. You can’t guarantee that the next person you meet will give you a marriage or babies or be “the one.” That’s out of your control. But you can have patience, keep your heart open, learn to use technology well, and get out of bad habits. Once you do, you can have great dates. That’s what I promise. Nothing more, nothing less.

My goal is to make you feel in control of your dating life, to help you realize what you’re looking for, and give you the tools to find it. Also, I want you to have fun. Dating should be thrilling, romantic, and not too complicated, and I’m here to help every step of the way.

More About Me...

I was born and raised in East Lansing, Michigan, which makes me a friendly Midwesterner and a stalwart MSU fan. I earned my B.A. in History from Emory University and my M.A. from Cambridge University in Economics.

After deciding against a career in academia, I joined HSBC as an International Manager in their corporate banking program. This role brought me to the Channel Islands, Hong Kong and Shanghai where I lived for nine years. During my time in China, I worked as a banker, had my two kids (now 13 and 15) and started a company specializing in children’s retail.

Life changes brought me to NYC in 2009. I arrived as a single parent to two little kids and threw myself into online dating. Now, after ten years of dating and experience as a professional matchmaker, I’m sharing the fruits of my experience.

A Good First Date is my third child. I absolutely love my job. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client turn a corner. I love getting that text from a client that says, “oh wow, that was an awesome date.”

What can A Good First Date do for you?

Our clients say it best.

"A Good First Date helped me navigate the complicated world of online dating. They taught me the subtle things to look out for in a guy’s profile that tell a lot about who he is. They will give you the secret decoder for when you’re tired of swiping and want to narrow down your pool.”


"They gave me examples of opening lines and how to begin texting with someone, bypassing the boring conversations so we can really learn about each other – and so I can stand out from the other girls on the apps."


“Just a few weeks after working with A Good First Datel, after talking to many guys and going on a handful of first dates, I met the guy for me. I’m so grateful for their advice and expertise.”


"After working with A Good First Date, the way I date and my outlook on dating has completely transformed.”


“Before contacting A Good First Date, I had deleted dating apps and was suffering from a sort of dating fatigue. I knew I needed to make changes and start using dating apps in a more healthy way.”


“I was hesitant about letting strangers into my dating life. We dove right into my dating history and the conversation flowed so easily. It was like talking to trusted friends, except they brought 10 times more insight and experience.”


“I knew right away I had two expert allies behind me, and I walked away empowered to date again!”


“I have been going on more dates and with partners that I am excited to meet! I am in awe of the transformation that has happened in front of my eyes.”


“No longer am I lamenting why I am not going on more dates. Now I face different challenges, like being authentic on dates, how to set boundaries, not measuring myself against others or overcompensating. It’s a work in progress, and for the first time in a very long time, I am excited to be on this journey.”


“Thank you for keeping me accountable, allowing me to see myself – both faults and strengths – and being the coaches I didn’t know I needed.”


Our approach to dating is different. So different that you might actually enjoy it.


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